Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a fee to attend?

    • Nope! This program is absolutely free :)​

  • Who can sign up for this program?

    • Current 6th-8th middle school girls.​

  • Do we have to attend all the sessions to sign up? What if we are unable to make a session, will we get kicked out of the program?

    • It’s alright if you can’t come to a session, you will not lose your spot. It is not recommended to miss a session unless you must because all our sessions will build on one another.

  • Do we need prior experience in coding/ HTML?

    • Nope! This is a beginner level program, intended to introduce the fundamentals of HTML and other web development topics, so no experience is necessary.​

  • Do we need to bring food?​​

    • We will be providing snacks and water for all the sessions.

  • Do we need to bring any materials, such as a laptop?​​

    • We will be providing all the materials needed during each session. The location is a computer lab so you will not need a laptop.​

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